Mochii is currently in limited release to early users.

Team Voxa is building out Mochii's unique next-generation nano-imaging experience. If you'd like to be among the first to experience Mochii, or would like to stay up-to-date with the Mochii experience as it unfolds, please let us know. Also, yes, we are hiring! We look forward to hearing from you!


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Explore uncharted territory with the most accessible nano-imaging in the world


A portable nano-mapper for all your travels.

With its unique wireless tablet interface, your investigations are untethered from your Mochii™ scanning electron microscope. Bring your tablet to a meeting across the building or even across the country and explore your samples at the nanoscale, back at home.
Or bring your Mochii™ with you. Smaller and lighter than both advanced light and electron microscopes, the Mochii™ can travel. As the smallest production electron microscope in the world, Mochii™ can fit in a suitcase and easily in the overhead bin of an airplane. Bring your Mochii™ to your samples in the field - image wherever your investigations may take you.


Work together with your team.

The Mochii™ scanning electron microscope helps scientists, technologists, teachers, and learners work together more effectively than ever before. Collaborators in the same room and collaborators in different countries can do more than simply share images: they can explore specimens together and analyze results in real-time!
Explore samples concurrently with colleagues around the world, taking measurements and annotating images together for collaborative investigations. Mochii™'s wireless experience and its unique tablet-based software tools enable effortless exploration... together.


Imaging for everyone.

The Mochii™ scanning electron microscope has a wireless tablet interface that is intuitive for all levels of operators to use. From child scientist to seasoned microscopists, anyone can achieve impactful results at the nanoscale. Mochii™'s total cost of ownership is just a fraction of the costs of both advanced light microscopes and traditional / benchtop electron microscopes, bringing powerful nanoscale imaging to a broad base of scientists, technologists, teachers, and learners.
Unpretentious and effective, Mochii™ is easy to use: explore your samples, make precision measurements, and capture beautiful images with the touch of your finger.


Greater imaging power with ease.
Magnification. Contrast. Depth of field.

digital tablet user interface

Mochii™’s unique tablet-based interface permits easy navigation of your specimen with a tap of a finger.

Survey quickly and capture detail using automated features within the tool.

Obtain impactful images effortlessly and share results with stakeholders instantly.

Investigate your specimen simultaneously with colleagues anywhere, collaboratively annotating specimen features and marking measurements in real-time.

Save the environments you've captured, refine, then broadcast them to the world.